Chris Stephenson
Chris Stephenson

Chris Stephenson

Senior Creative

Summarise your career so far in three sentences
“I’ve had the pleasure of working for some amazing agencies both nationally and regionally on projects ranging from branding for start-up businesses to campaigns for household names.

What’s your office daytime drink – and any specifics on how you like it made (sugars, milk, teabag in, etc)?
“I’m not a fan of hot drinks, never understood the fascination. Can’t beat a Dr Pepper!”

Any skills or talents most people wouldn’t know?
“I have a brown belt in Karate.”

Which person from history would you like to have a coffee with and why?
“Bobby Robson, a true gent and Newcastle legend.

What was your favourite subject at school and why?
“I loved Science. I’ve always been interested in how things work.”

When the weekend arrives you love to . . . ?
“I love to chill out, watch the football or F1 and spend some time in the garage working on my classic Mini.”

What is a non-negotiable part of your daily routine?
“Sneaking in a few episodes of the latest must watch Netflix series before bed.”

Describe yourself in three words
“Chilled, confidant and outgoing.”

What are the key skills you bring to your job?
“I bring an eye for detail, clean minimal design and different way of thinking.” 

What’s top of your bucket list in this lifetime?
“Climb Everest or drive a lap of the Nurburgring.”

What’s your favourite book?
“Fear and loathing in Las Vegas – Hunter S. Thompson.”

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