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Anne Reynolds at work

Anne Reynolds

Account Director

Key skills/talents
“I once held a plank for 15 minutes and 7 seconds.”

Describe yourself in three words
“Short, funny, understanding.”

Career summary
“Never one to turn down an opportunity that excites me, I started my career in Sweden (Malmo in fact), where my love for advertising and marketing first began. Since then, I’ve gone from strength to strength working on some major global players, alongside the more local brands in the North East of England. From high end beauty products to waste recycling and lawnmowers, my client base is expansive, as is my creativity!”

What are the key skills you bring to your job?
“Organisation, empathy and fun.”

Daytime drink of choice
“Black coffee. Straight to the point, minimal calories.”

What is a non-negotiable part of your daily routine?
“Taking my overexcited Springer Spaniel out for a long run.”

Which person from history would you like to have a coffee with and why?
“Steve Jobs. Creative mind, tech brain ahead of his time, strategist, and above all, the creator of the Apple devices I love most!”

What was your favourite subject at school?
“Art, I loved being able to express my creativity in a range of ways! So much so that I used to sit in on extra lessons, even when my timetable was showing as ‘FREE’.”

Were you a pet, toy or imaginary friend kind of child?
“Toy – Stripey the bear!”

When the weekend arrives you love to . . .
“Switch off my alarm.”

What’s top of your bucket list in this lifetime?
“To project manage the build of my very own grand designs!”

What’s your favourite book?
“Anything written by Danielle Ramsey – love a good murder mystery!”

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