Why Pharmacy Must Embrace Digital Marketing


As we look to the forthcoming years, digital transformation within the pharmaceutical industry can be seen in the immediate future with speed and technology marrying together exponentially. The pharma landscape is undergoing a profound transformation as digital technologies revolutionise patient engagement and therapeutic purchases. With this said, let’s explore the reasons why pharmacy must embrace digital marketing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst, propelling existing trends that are shaping the future of the industry. Since the crisis began, there has been a remarkable 35% surge in online traffic to pharmaceutical websites globally (Statista). Digital transformation is vital for organisations to adapt to consumer trends and protect against disruptions in the future.

Digital marketing for pharmacies is already playing a large role in propelling companies forward by using a mix of various digital channels such as social media, email, search engines, and websites, to promote the products and services of a pharmacy. This entails crafting digital marketing campaigns that captivate and connect with online customers, enhancing visibility, and driving sales and revenue growth.

With all this in mind, new innovations, communication channels and opportunities mean that this marketing mix will evolve and therefore pharmaceutical companies need to adapt to these changes to optimise their digital healthcare marketing in order to attract and keep tech-savvy consumers. Online consultations and prescription delivery services have made it easier and faster for busy consumers to get medical help and medication. Convenience and speed are consumer values that will only continue to increase with the rise of technology speeding up.

Embracing Digitalisation

Pharma companies can enhance their customer relationships and explore new direct-to-consumer D2C communication and sales channels by understanding consumer pain points.

Consumers want more than just a transaction; they want pharma’s help in improving their well-being and health journey. By prioritising a seamless and holistic approach, pharma can forge deeper connections with its customers. Marketing for healthcare ought to lean towards the upcoming future trend of health longevity and optimising one’s health.

In this evolving landscape, pharma has a unique opportunity to bridge the gap with consumers and provide enhanced value by offering support throughout their health journey. A digital transformation plan is important to achieve this. The plan should focus on customers and enable sales and marketing teams to have timely and personalised interactions with consumers.

By prioritising customer-centric approaches, pharma can forge stronger connections, deliver meaningful experiences and showcase professionalism in healthcare. High standards of patient services and patient online services can achieve this.

A Better Return on Investment

Another important key factor why pharmacy should embrace digital marketing sooner than later is due to cost-effectiveness and creating a better ROI.

Digital marketing offers significantly higher cost-effectiveness compared to conventional marketing approaches like print advertising and TV commercials. Pharmacies can now reach a vastly larger audience through digital marketing campaigns while spending only a fraction of the budget required for traditional advertising methods.

Digital marketing tools like social media ads and email marketing can target specific groups, interests, and locations for better results. Digital marketing should be seen as an asset to the pharma industry, navigating the different opportunities might seem challenging at first but once mastered is a worthwhile investment.

Both consumers and healthcare professionals actively use online platforms to investigate illnesses, seek out remedies, and purchase pharmaceutical goods. Therefore, it’s imperative for pharmaceutical corporations to transition from traditional B2B sales avenues to a more aggressive D2C approach. Digital marketing is necessary for staying competitive and meeting the needs of patients and healthcare providers in the evolving digital landscape. Thus, creating healthier and happier communities worldwide.

How to Succeed in Pharma Marketing

We know that many pharma companies and agencies have jumped the bandwagon and have included some digital marketing tools and strategies into their marketing mix but there are still various companies not following suit yet.

The most important pillars that should be in the marketing mix are e-commerce, a healthcare content marketing strategy, SEO, social media & PR, paid media, and marketing automation and CRM. These are most important for setting a strong foundation before exploring more channels, new strategies and opportunities. However, let’s dive into some opportunities in which pharma companies would benefit from in order to succeed within the pharma industry…



Personalisation is a major trend in healthcare and medicine. It will become more important as people focus on overall health and living longer. We can anticipate an increase in the customisation of treatments and preventive care, along with the creation of novel therapies and medications designed for particular patients.

By utilising a customer data platform, pharma companies can segment audiences into comprehensive consumer profiles known as buyer personas. This enables highly pertinent communication and customised content. Healthcare needs to move away from a one size fits all approach to messaging and create highly relevant, valuable content and communications that treat consumers as individuals.

Innovative Content and Increasing Visibility 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram serve as remarkable avenues for pharmacies to interact with their clientele, offering valuable insights into their products and services. Using email marketing campaigns strengthens the connection by sending newsletters and attractive offers to customers, increasing engagement and loyalty.

Digital marketing helps pharmacies be easily found online by customers searching for relevant keywords and terms. Pharmacies can leverage these measures by conducting keyword analysis to enhance their position on search engine results pages (SERPs). Hence, attracting more visitors to their webpage and enhancing their online presence.

The internet has democratised access to information, dismantling the notion of pharma companies as gatekeepers of product knowledge. Today, people can easily find information about health online, including symptoms, treatments, and medicines.

Pharma companies can seize the opportunity to cater to the growing demand for information. By producing compelling and innovative content tailored to specific buyer personas, they can effectively address consumer pain points and bolster their brand presence amidst competitors. Embracing content marketing becomes the key to establishing meaningful connections with their audience and solidifying their position in the market.

Unbox Data Insights Correctly

The infinite volume of data generated by digital platforms and the intricacies of pharmaceutical marketing make monitoring campaigns a complicated task. Creating a cohesive marketing campaign is key to attracting the hyper-connected consumer. Conducting thorough pharmaceutical market research and insight tracking is essential in order to have a 360-degree overview before creating your strategy.

Using advanced technologies such as AI and big data is crucial for enhancing efficiency. It also helps in speeding up processes and making data-driven decisions.

Automation workflows empower companies by providing greater control and mitigating risks. In addition to automating repetitive tasks, precisely target consumers, and effortlessly scale-up campaigns across multiple channels. Thus, resulting in streamlined operations and more impactful outcomes.


The rise of innovative technology means endless possibilities and opportunities for pharma companies. Pharmacies are using VR and AR technology to create immersive educational experiences for consumers and healthcare organisations.

Pharmaceutical presentations are starting to use demonstrative animations to make processes more understandable, efficient, and memorable. Another rising tool is AI which is being leveraged as chatbots for pharma company websites to help with customer satisfaction and provide 24/7 healthcare efficiently. By using these technologies, pharma companies can stay ahead and grow in the ever-changing digital world.

Enhancing and Maintaining Reputation

The reputation of pharmacies plays a vital role in attracting and retaining customers. Thanks to digital marketing tools like online reviews and rating platforms, pharmacies can now efficiently manage their reputation. By engaging with customer reviews and feedback, they can promptly address any concerns and highlight their expertise and exceptional customer service. These tools empower pharmacies to build trust, foster loyalty, and solidify their position as reputable healthcare providers in the eyes of their audience.



At Guerilla we understand the importance of keeping up with the latest pharma trends, insights and marketing strategies in order to create real results within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. We have worked with a range of pharmaceutical companies in the UK and globally.

Digital marketing is evolving with technology. It’s crucial to stay updated on these changes to improve your marketing efforts. From the first interaction with your company, each touch point should be carefully considered. These miro-moments impact whether a consumer becomes loyal or lost to you. Using digital marketing and technology can make processes easier, and more effective, and help you gain and retain loyal customers.

Guerilla offers the full complement of marketing services, so we can build our service provision around your needs. If you are hoping to understand more about digital marketing, your ideal buyer’s persona or your pharma start-up needing support then get in touch with us today at enquiries@guerilla.co.uk.

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