Training: Good for business, even better for employees!

Training, and especially ongoing training, is a key area for debate in many boardrooms. However, there are a number of reasons to suggest that regular staff upskilling is well worth the investment, as building up the skills within a business will effectively improve your company’s bottom line.

A business should never stand still and so nor should the development of your staff, who are the key asset in driving your business forward. Regular staff upskilling is essential in helping this ongoing skill development.

Training in the workplace can be of any kind, delivered by on-the-job training, mentoring schemes, in-house training and individual study. Upskilling programmes like these are great ways to easily identify any gaps in the market and fill skills gaps within the existing workforce.

By identifying these gaps early on, you can allow the right amount of time to train staff in the required areas, giving them the tools they need to build more confidence and strength in fulfilling their role effectively.

Ongoing training and upskilling of a workforce encourages creativity. New ideas can be formed faster as a result of consistent training where employees are removed from their comfort zone into a positive place of inspiration and opportunity.

Overall, upskilling allows employees to be kept abreast of the latest technologies, and software updates, helping your business to retain its strong position in the market place as experts in the field, against rivals. It’s also important to make sure your business is complying with any industry regulations, which can be achieved as a result of ongoing training, making sure your staff’s skills and business awareness of policy and regulation is up-to-date.


Investing in your staff’s professional development is vital for team retention to the point that 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development. A killer stat if we’ve ever seen one! This level of staff satisfaction increases both individual and team productivity which directly impacts your businesses’ profitability, and prevents competitors from taking away your best employees by offering training incentives.

It’s simple. Expanding the knowledge of your employees shapes a more efficient, competitive, and engaged workforce. Companies that have actively interested and dedicated employees successfully create environments with less stress, greater motivation, increased innovation, and top talent…

…a worthwhile investment if you ask us.

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