Rebrand for Numark Pharmacy

After the success of our European packaging brand with The PHOENIX Group, LIVSANE, we were approached to rebrand their sister UK based pharmaceutical company, Numark, own brand packaging range.

This began with the creation and design of the Numark Packaging Guidelines, to help explain and express Numark’s identity, who they are, what they do and how they do it; communicating the spirit of the Numark brand and to help clarify their values and personality. The initial brief was to create a new brand for the UK market using the LIVSANE brand as a base but expanding on this to suit the additional product ranges and to be more tailored to the UK market.

Each pharmaceutical pack is carefully designed so that the Numark name is maintained and also visually aesthetic with consistent cues that are easily recognisable by their customers. Our re-design to Numark’s own brand gives the packaging a new, cleaner and fresher feel. It also breaks all products down into logical categories to make the user experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Working with packaging has its challenges, due to the production volumes, lead times and regulatory approval process of Numark products, especially when dealing with medicinal products; it is vital that the print and production of each and every package is accurate and checked thoroughly. It is important to us that production quality and colour replication is consistent and managed in order to ensure that every Numark product appears uniform on shelf to our customers, regardless of printer, producer or location of origin. It is this consistency that allows Numark to build upon PHOENIX’s reputation for quality and value.

Numark has around 300 packages, ranging from folding boxes, labels, pouches and tubes. All of our designed packaging is available in pharmacy stores across the UK, and with the potential for many more it is imperative that our packaging design architecture is flexible enough to work across a wide and varying range of packaging sizes and formats. We will continue to achieve this with a packaging design architecture that uses a simple set of homogeneous graphic elements.

‘Guerilla are extremely easy to work with, they consistently deliver a high standard of artwork for the Numark Brand.

Friendly, professional and above all excellent at what they do.’

Harvinder Somal – Numark Own Brand Manager

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