Things to consider when thinking about a rebrand…

With so much disruption over the past couple of years, several companies are contacting our team about a potential rebrand. In our experience a rebrand exercise is an excellent way to reinvigorate a business. It often provides the opportunity to heal cultural divides and provides a good backdrop and platform ­for the launch of new services and products.


When we talk to our clients, we spend the time to fully establish the objectives of the rebrand so that we can provide the optimum solution. We ask a lot of questions to establish initially ‘if a rebrand is actually needed’, because you would be surprised at how quickly some marketing managers become tired of their own brand. Another consideration is whether a total rebrand is required compared to an aesthetic brand (refresh) facelift which we designed for independent podcast group Rusty Quill? For example when we created the Pan-European BENU brand for our client, Phoenix Group, the project involved both the visual creation of a brand platform and change in brand values, proposition, and positioning.


Once the key drivers and objectives of the rebranding exercise are established, we then recommend that the existing brand is benchmarked. Set against a pre-agreed key criteria such as market awareness, perceptions and values allow us to define the status of your current brand equity. As we will need a 360 view of the brand, we consult a sample of your stakeholders, including directors, employees, suppliers, and customers. Their input and feedback provide an excellent way of establishing both internal and external perceptions and understanding of your brand. The consultative process also enables the stakeholders to feel that they have had an input and helps buy into the rebrand.


The rebrand will be a valuable investment, but in addition to the cost of employing an agency it is important that you work out the associated costs of the rollout. To avoid confusion, we would never recommend that your existing marketing assets are replaced slowly and in a piecemeal way. It is therefore important that a brand audit takes place so a budget can be set, and plan can put on place to roll out the rebrand seamlessly.


Researching and choosing the correct brand communications agency for your project is also a very important decision, that you need to get right. Some agencies specialise in a specific sector, which you might operate in, this can mean that their knowledge is helpful. That said, in our experience we often work with clients in new sectors very successfully because we fully research their business and markets, quickly getting up to speed. The agency should have a solid branding process and framework to share with you, but at the same time it is important that the agency does not approach your rebrand as an off-the-shelf solution because your brand is unique.


Before a mouse is clicked it’s important that you work closely with your agency to achieve a solid creative briefing document, because this is the road map for the success of the rebrand. If the brief contains missing or incorrect information, then your rebrand is likely to miss the target.  Once the brand has been created and signed off, we recommend that the rebrand is communicated internally first and then externally second, this ensures that your team totally understand the brand before the wider marketplace. If you are looking to rebrand then why not get in touch and we will listen and share our thoughts at an initial consultancy meeting for free.

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