The 5 Best CRM Systems For Pharmaceutical Companies In 2020

Gone are the days when outstanding customer services was a luxury, in today’s world it’s an absolute necessity. Paired with an influx of pharmaceutical companies popping up throughout the nation, the healthcare sector as a whole has been forced to embrace customer relationship management in order to remain afloat.

To keep competitive and determine your success in an industry that is under consistent pressure to deliver, the best pharmaceutical companies out there are the ones who have a robust Customer Relationship Management system in place. They have embraced this new way of working, getting to grips with the latest technology and focussed their attentions on building strategies around customer needs rather than product differentiation.

But with an equal measure of CRM systems popping up, as there are new Pharma enterprises, how do you know which CRM system is for you?

That’s where your marketing communications agency should come in. Or in this case, where Guerilla can help!

So, what is “CRM” in the Pharma world?

CRM or otherwise known as Customer Relationship Management is essentially a software system put into place to help your company increase revenues and profitability by collecting, co-ordinating, storing and analysing all points of contact that you have with your customers. This ensures a personalised relationship is maintained and managed from the off.

But, how does it actually work?

CRM systems are mainly focussed on the co-ordination of the marketing, sales and services functions of your pharmaceutical business. In terms of marketing processes, the better systems out there offer fully compliant, integrated customer databases. Consolidating all of your customer profiles into one easily accessible area, regardless of who the client interacted with, and is able to automate all of the activities associated with the marketing and promotion of your pharmaceutical products. This enables your in-house marketing team or external marketing communications agency to reach as many people as possible by having a well-considered marketing communications plan. CRM systems also help you identify your ‘good’ customers, retain them by offering unrivalled services, as well as maximise their value.

In more of a sales and service sense, CRM systems can support your customers with call-centre activities, product configuration information and problem analysis. They can also support you by ticking the boxes for your staff’s training & development objectives, ensuring all teams involved are continually trained in latest product specs and emerging trends.

Here’s a roundup of our current Top 5 Pharma CRM Systems:

Kapture CRM

Firstly, Kapture is designed to help businesses stay ahead of the competition in what has become a cluttered marketplace. With the ability to capture leads from a variety of channels and sources, it can really help you manage everything in one place, ensuring no leads are lost.

Kapture also offers inbuilt APIs that can integrate with existing systems such as call centres, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and Facebook. Alongside this, Kapture is built and optimised for mobile devices, rather than needing a laptop or desktop computer like most other systems.

In terms of pricing, they do offer a free 30-day trial which you can sign up for without entering any credit card details. After this, they then offer an Essential Plan for $24 per month, Professional Plan for $39 per month and an Enterprise Plan for $79 per month.

You can view a full breakdown of the features and available packages on the Kapture website here.

Veeva CRM

Veeva has been a popular CRM system used by healthcare organisations for years now. As a multi-channel, fully integrated solution that is even relevant for large corporate environments, you can see why it has been so popular.

The platform allows operations such as engagement history, sales reporting, influence networks and account profiles all to be planned and executed from a single platform, which allows you to plan effectively and accurately measure performance.

Unfortunately, Veeva don’t offer a free trial and there isn’t a set pricing structure available. Their solutions are tailored to your business, so you’ll need to contact them directly for more information.

You can do this and see a full list of features and benefits via their website here.

Creatio CRM

Formally known as Bpm’online, Creatio is renowned for not only being an easy to use, robust CRM system, but also for having one of the most helpful customer service teams who are always willing to help.

In terms of the system, marketing, sales and services is all fully integrated and shouldn’t require any additional tools in order to work. It has a very user-friendly interface and offers easy customisation whilst also offering scalability and impressive security features.

They have a good pricing model with no hidden costs. You can start with a free 14-day trial, before taking out a subscription starting at $25 per month if you’re happy.

You can view more information on their solution and how it all works via their website here.


StayinFront is a flexible, easy to maintain, cloud-based solution that is perfect for businesses operating in the pharmaceutical industry. It offers fully configurable, out-of-the-box functionality that can be tailored to specific roles, workflows and languages.

They have lots of easy to configure integrations, such as SAP, Oracle and other ERP systems, meaning you can get your business up and running quickly. This is shown by the fact they support some of the world’s largest corporations.

They do offer a free trial, but if you’re looking to get more information on their subscription pricing model, you’ll need to speak with them directly.

You can do that by visiting their website here.

CRMNEXT Pharmaceutical

The CRMNEXT solution is a comprehensive system that helps pharmaceutical companies when it comes to managing relationships with physicians, chemists, hospitals and healthcare societies.

It allows you to capture leads from every touch point, boost your conversion rates and also increase customer profitability all within one system, whilst integrating with and improving your customer service levels.

They do offer a free trial and you can also request subscription pricing that is relevant to your requirements.

This can all be done via their website here.

Selecting the best CRM system for your Pharma business remains a constant battle with so many options to choose from, but with the help of dedicated pharmaceutical marketing companies, (just like us!) we can help build CRM into part of your overall marketing strategy, giving you the best chances of success in a very competitive landscape. Eliminating the difficulty of trying to shoehorn new operations and methods of working later down the line.

At Guerilla we can help you tackle change management head on, working hard to centre your pharmaceutical marketing strategies around all aspects of your brand, from CRM all the way through to addressing employer engagement and culture initiatives. Giving your business firm direction for the future. Because we believe addressing the internal structure and systems of your brand is just as important as the crafting of external communications if you truly want to create and nurture a customer-centric environment.

Why not check out some of our latest Pharmaceutical marketing case studies to see how we have helped businesses just like yours.

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