Sweet Success – Blank Street Coffee is taking over


Blank Street Coffee started off in 2020 with a small seafoam green coffee cart in Brooklyn selling local pastries, bagels and iced lattes.selling local pastries, bagels and iced lattes. From then on the business has now become a global phenomenon. But behind the small coffee cart, was a stack of market research, venture capital and new technology. Co-founders Issam Freiha and Vinay Menda, have since grown Blank Street to more than 40 locations in the US and launched their brand in London in the summer of 2022 and have expanded in key surrounding neighbourhoods since then. 

With the mission of bridging the gap of quality and cost, they have excelled in competitive low prices in the US and in the UK, and obtained positive customer feedback and loyalty in return. With continuing focus on consumer research, Blank Street propelled their market due to targeting their beverages at clean living and the ever-aesthetic conscious Gen Z. These wackier beverages include violet lemonades, iced strawberries and cream and pistachio lattes. Not only did they attract customers through vibrant visually appealing beverages and through a strong visual brand identity, but also through accessibility by pre-ordering your coffee through their app. Most of the coffee is made by an automated system – drinks are quite literally ready at the push of a button. Their cosy stores labelled as the ‘third place’ enable a quick order service with more focus on the customer experience.


With the brand already accelerating in big waves, there is no sign of them slowing down. The viral coffee company jumped on Wimbledon and the latest big fashion trend of ‘tenniscore’ by opening a Blank Street paddle court in Battersea London. This innovative move led them to expanding their vibrant green identity by creating green courts, green paddle rackets and of course selling their beverages on site simultaneously. Blank Street are getting their community together and tapping into key trends such as the wellness ‘era’ we are in right now. We can see that Blank Street Coffee offers more than any other coffee company and not only research their audience but create what they need also. We can only expect to see more from this brand and we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.

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