Stop Food Waste Day – Wednesday 29th April

Wednesday 29th April is Stop Food Waste Day, an international day of recognition and action in the fight against food waste, a serious and ever-growing problem, and an issue that is close to our hearts.

Roughly one-third of the food produced globally is either lost or wasted every year and one-quarter of that wasted food is enough to feed approximately 795 million undernourished people in the world.

For the past few years, we’ve worked closely with our client Warrens Group, to create a brand and series of campaign strategies to help ignite change regarding food waste in our local area.

Image that illustrates Warrens Group's circular process
Image of Warrens waste food collection vehicle, powered by biogas

As a forward thinking, wholly-owned subsidiary of BioCapital LTD, Warrens Group has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the North East’s pioneers of food waste recycling services.

For Warrens Group, a sustainable business is a better business, and last year they were able to launch the first fleet in the UK of biomethane fuelled trucks, powered by the energy produced from the food waste they collect and convert back at their state-of-the-art Anaerobic digestion facility in Newton Aycliffe.

Together, we’ve worked on some inspiring projects to raise awareness around the problem of food waste in schools, communities and even further afield within larger blue-chip organisations and stakeholders of the Warrens Group entity, sharing practical, creative and impactful ways that we can all change our behaviour to minimising food waste.

We firmly believe that every day should be a stop food waste day. Here at Guerilla, we are proud that today we are making that pledge.

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Stop Food Waste Day logo on picture of waste food

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