How To Create Great Shareable Content

Creating shareable content that your followers engage with to the point of sharing with their friends and colleagues is one of the quickest and easiest ways to grow your follower base. Furthermore, this will increase the visibility of your brand amongst consumers and in return, boost sales.

By becoming reliable in the posts you share in terms of readability and grammatical fluency, followers are more likely to share your brand’s content regularly because they trust its’ credibility. Producing reliable content takes time to win the trust and loyalty of your followers therefore consistent posting is key.

Creating personable content that your audience can relate to is an effective way to engage and grab consumers. Put a face to your brand where possible as people connect more through human interaction rather than a voice behind a logo. Tap into your audiences’ emotions to resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impression. This could be done through emotive brand storytelling (Think John Lewis Christmas ad style).

Lastly, do your research. Compare the success and failures of your competitor brands to gage the kind of content most likely to receive a positive reaction. Take note of the content they are posting and which channels they are posting to; then think how you can differentiate and be more innovative.

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