How responsive are you?

When creating a new brand marque, designers will instinctively create different lock-ups or configurations of the logo in order to make sure that the new logo will work perfectly in landscape or portrait formats and at small or large scale. Historically this has its roots with print based mediums in mind… but what about digital?

In 2018, the use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to view online content overtook desktop machines for the first time, and with an estimated 4 billion regular internet users – brands are beginning to take steps to ensure that their logos appear perfect every time, regardless of screen size or resolution.

Enter the ‘Responsive logo’.

We’ve all heard about responsive website, but how about responsive logos? In a digital world where the screens we interact with on a daily basis come in all shapes and sizes, simply scaling a site up or down to fit just doesn’t cut it – and same rule apply to logos.

Guinness logo
Guiness's responsive logo

London based freelance digital designer Joe Harrison took it upon himself to experiment with well known existing brands, exploring how their logos could be developed to become responsive without losing their instant recognisably.

‘Responsive logos’ is a project that explores how brands might adapt for today’s multiple devices and screen resolutions. By applying responsive design principles to individual elements of a logo, and stripping out detail in relation to screen size, a more legible and appropriate logo can be displayed. The concept aims to move branding away from fixed, rigid guidelines, into a more flexible and contextual system. – Joe Harrison

The results of Joe’s ‘Responsive logos’ project clearly demonstrate that it is not necessary to show the entirety of a logo in order for it to retain is familiarity, far from it. In fact when carefully considered, a brand marque can be broken down to its base elements and still allow the brand to be easily identified. The logo itself can then be ‘re-built’ in stages so that it fits perfectly on the screen.

This is a concept that is true for all brands, not just ‘the big boys’. That’s why, here at Guerilla, we’re ensuring that every logo we create as part of a new or brand refresh is fit for today, both off and online.

You can check out Joe’s work here, its definitely worth a look!

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