Meet Reza Our New Senior Developer

Meet Reza our new Senior Developer. Reza graduated from Northumbria University with a degree in Computing for Business BSc (Hons) in 2007. He’s highly skilled in website development, communication and finessing the finest of details. When he’s not in the office you’ll find him relaxing at the spa, swimming, boxing and getting lost in the YouTube rabbit hole.

Get to know Reza a little bit better…

Describe yourself in three words

Precise, technical, virgo.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I won gold at the Traditional Taekwondo Association (TTA) championships in 1998.

If you could have any super power what would it be?

Omnipotence- think Q from Star Trek! 

What is your favourite TV programme?

Better Call Saul (right now) and The Office is an all time favourite.

Who is your favourite artist/musician? 

Michael Jackson is THE King of music.

Where is your go-to spot to grab a bite to eat?

The Central Oven & Shaker, it ticks all of the right boxes.

What made you join the Guerilla team?

I wanted to be part of an established, successful and winning team. At Guerilla I have the opportunity to work with amazing clients, deliver quality digital solutions and take my career to the next level. This made joining the Guerilla team a natural next step.


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