Marketing Top Tips During COVID-19

Depending on your industry, you might have noticed your sales and revenue plummet in recent weeks, thanks to the Coronavirus.

Whilst the Coronavirus pandemic has catapulted us into new realms of working and redefining the literal meaning of ‘home life’, there are many lessons from the past that we can revisit to ensure we do not lose sight of our branding and marketing objectives in a recession.

In a period of uncertainty such as this, don’t panic. Marketing has become more critical than ever for many businesses and there is a lot that you could be doing to keep your brand on top.

Here are our 3 useful tips to help you keep a long-term vision and get the most out of your branding and marketing efforts during the Coronavirus:

Tick off the Branding To-Do’s

Just as we have seen many people use their ‘forced’ time at home to address garden and household tasks that were once left by the waste side due to simply ‘not having enough time’, now is the opportunity to consider what brand building tasks you have conveniently put aside to come back to on a ‘rainy day’.

We highly recommend that in a downturn such as this, focussing your attentions on long term brand building is crucial, as ultimately, increasing the trust, credibility and presence of your brand will pay dividends in the future. In order to differentiate, you need to be consistent and ensuring that your brand presence across all touch points are synonymous with each other is a task you simply should not be avoiding. Don’t overlook brand building by acts of humanity and generosity.

The possibilities on what your brand could be doing right now are endless!

Seize the Online Opportunity!

Whilst online marketing is fundamentally the only option for many businesses, with the cost of traditional advertising now prohibitive, there is another excellent reason to push your marketing focus online. People are spending more time at home and are going onto the internet far more frequently.

Social Media is one of our favourite platforms to elevate at a time like this, and we are helping many clients tap into the relevant stories and conversations trending across not only the UK, but the world. If your brand can join in on the conversation, then why not seize the opportunity. But, be compassionate.

Our key recommendation for engaging on social media is to ensure your tone of voice and visual styling is appropriate.

Connect with Human Emotion

The mood of society at the moment is solidarity in adversity, and consumer’s deeper human values are coming more to the forefront. Gauging your audience and their mood is essential to ensure your marketing is perceived as offering a helping hand rather than the hard sell.

It is unsurprising that in many research panels carried out since the last recession in 2008, ads that dial up a sense of humanity, strengthened community and togetherness perform far better than those of self-image and individual performance. Call it cliché but when building your brand, it’s important to assume the brand is a person and by allowing your brand to tap into human characteristics and raw emotion, you have a far better chance at establishing a level of connection with your target audience that only the most innovative brands out there have been able to achieve.

A simple way to do this is to ask yourself “How can we help?”. A great example of this that we have recently been part of with our clients Flymo and Warrens Group, was the design and development of a series of FREE digital child activity packs that could be downloaded from the brands’ websites and social media while schools are temporarily closed. We’re aware that many people working from home will now have the added pressure of small children to entertain while they work, so what’s not to like about helping keep the little ones occupied ?.

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