#LockdownLearnings – What have we been up to?

During our weekly team catch up we discussed what we’ve all learnt since we’ve been in lockdown. A new language? Some new skills? Or just something completely random? Read on to find out more.

chocolate cake topping

“How to bake a killer chocolate fudge cake”

Everyone’s feeling the pressure at the moment, and for many it’s shown to be quite a daunting time when faced with the unknown, but our Operations Manager has found that losing himself in a spot of baking with his young children has brought more than just smiles to their home.

“It’s rare that there’s any left longer than an hour after it comes out the oven” ?

Here’s where Iain gets his inspiration:


yoga stretches

“Stillness is beautiful”

Like many, our Account Director is always going at a million miles an hour. She’s learnt that through the art of stillness, you can finally make time in your schedule to take stock of how beautiful life really is.

With clear water in the Venice canals, blue skies over Delhi, wild animals roaming boldly in locked-down cities, and carbon emissions falling fast, the world is certainly detoxing itself, and although Anne’s screen time has dramatically gone up, she’s ditching the constant refreshes of Facebook and Instagram timelines for online Meditation and Yoga sessions, filling her day with positivity and appreciation for family, friends and colleagues.

home office setup

“Social distancing doesn’t make anyone less sociable”

Despite the physical separation of lockdown, we certainly are not alone. Our Managing Director comments on the quality of communication amongst the team at Guerilla since lockdown began some 5 weeks ago. By using video conferencing and instant messaging software such as Zoom and Slack, we are able keeping things very focused as if we really were together in person.

Even outside of the work-office environment, people are more compelled to say hello and ask if you’re okay (from a distance of course!).

child on a laptop

“How to balance work and a baby”

Working from home with a baby is hard, there’s no way around that, but our Digital Account Manager has found that through a few useful tips, you can make the most of your ‘new normal’ when it comes to juggling a full-time job and keeping an eye on a 1-year old!

Create space – Rather than fight it, let your child into your workspace where possible. Give your kids a matching mini desk, or simply create a place for them to play quietly near your working space – this will make sure they feel involved and know that you’re right there if they need you.

Take 10 – Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success, more so than their parents’ educational background or income. It is said to be one of life’s great pleasures. By breaking every few hours between screen time and play, you can indulge in quality time with your child and read a book together.

Nurture Naps – Optimise your children’s nap time to get your larger tasks of the day complete. By planning your daily workload around expected naps, you won’t feel as under pressure to juggle everything all at once. No one is perfect – we can only do our best!

man waiting for train

“You get your time back”

By turning his creative head into that of a mathematician, our Creative Director takes appreciation in knowing that by working from home, he saves 10 hours a week which would otherwise be spent (or wasted) commuting. By eliminating stressful travel, Geoff ‘arrives’ to work in his dining room each day feeling calm and at ease.

Music headphones

“The Power of Music”

We can all think of at least one song that when we hear it, triggers an emotional response but during lockdown, our Senior Creative has found that endless playlists of your favourite music can lift your spirits in any period of uncertainty.

Whilst the idea of music as a healing balm is nothing new, the power of it remains truly amazing. More than 400 years ago William Shakespeare said that “music can raze out the written troubles of the brain” – so it’s no surprise people are turning to music (and TikTok) as a way to deal with the stresses of modern lockdown life.

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