Thinking Outside The Box

What seems like many moons ago (but was actually only a short 6 weeks ago) the lockdown began and we all found ourselves thrust into a situation we could never have imagined and was beyond our control. How were we going to manage? Would our clients still be busy? Would we be able to communicate effectively as a team whilst being spread across the north east?

These were just a few of the questions we found ourselves asking and having spoken to friends, family and clients, we weren’t the only ones.

We now know the situation is far from over and everybody is adjusting to a ‘new normal’, for us this has been a bit of a revelation as we are finding a new work/life balance with an eradication of commuting time and more time to focus on what is important and what our clients really want from us.

We are learning new lessons every day and it is safe to say we have all been surprised how well our communication channels are developing. We are utilising our time better and focusing on the subject at hand when engaging in Zoom calls and catching up on Slack.

While we have all had our heads down beavering away on the next big campaign over the last decade or so, in the background the technical world has been developing to the point where working from home has became an advantage rather than a hinderance.

I find myself sitting down at my desk with a hot tea in the morning relaxed and in a positive frame of mind, not having just spent the best part of an hour and half inching through traffic. I have a smile on my face and I’m raring to go, this positivity and proactivity has been met with praise from our clients…

“Communication is second to none with the guys at Guerilla and this hasn’t changed throughout the lockdown, we’ve still been able to move through projects at the same pace whilst not compromising the quality of their great work.”
Numark first aid range packs close up

That brings me on to my passion (as well as a tentative link to the witty title of this blog) and the largest part of my daily workload; packaging, particularly within the pharmaceutical sector is a huge part of our lives here at Guerilla.

In a previous role I worked within a large packaging and printing organisation so my passion for packaging knows no bounds. Working with our clients here in the UK as well as across many countries in Europe, our working relationships are stronger than ever. I’ve had video calls with some clients who I’ve only ever spoken to via email, I have learned about their families and the hardships they are facing in their own countries as well as the positives that have come from the lockdown.

Our packaging work is moving from strength to strength and our output hasn’t been affected by the lockdown. We are progressing projects that have been on the back burner for a while as clients are finding more time to catch up with their own workloads and we are working on larger product ranges as certain areas of the market are seeing increased demand.

Although the situation remains uncertain, filled with sad news and anxiety. It’s important that we look for the positives in every situation and try our best to learn and grow.

Once the lockdown eases and the virus has been brought under control we will all emerge from our homes and embrace the new world we find ourselves, bringing together our new found knowledge and ideas to improve ourselves and our company.

Going forward I believe we will all be more open than ever to new ideas on the way we work and I for one have a new appreciation for how lucky I am to have the clients and colleagues around me that I do. The community spirit and sense of togetherness gets us through every day and we all look forward to when we can see each other again, hopefully for a massive beer!

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