Guerilla Leads Marketing Charge for herb+’s Innovative Energy Spray Launch

Guerilla Leads Marketing Charge for herb+’s Innovative Energy Spray Launch

At Guerilla, we pride ourselves on delivering precise, impactful marketing solutions tailored to our clients’ unique offerings. Our recent collaboration with herb+, a UK-based wellness brand, showcases our commitment to strategic, effective marketing practices.¬†Our task was to market herb+’s flagship product, an innovative ‘energy’ blend spray, a part of their holistic wellness range. This project required a multidimensional approach encompassing strategy development, content creation, advertising, social media marketing, and public relations activities.

Strategically, we began with a comprehensive market analysis to understand the target audience and position herb+ effectively in the wellness market. This foundational work steered the creative direction, ensuring a coherent message across all marketing channels.




The visual assets for herb+ were created through a series of photo shoots and filming sessions. Our focus was on producing high-quality, engaging visuals that accurately represent the brand’s values and the benefits of the ‘energy’ blend spray. From concept to execution, meticulous planning ensured each shot and scene resonated with the desired audience.

Content creation was tailored for different platforms to ensure a seamless brand experience. Whether it was advertising collateral, social media posts, or PR materials, each piece of content was crafted to highlight the innovative nature of the ‘energy’ blend spray and its position in the holistic wellness market.
Through a coordinated approach across all marketing channels, we aimed to create a strong, consistent brand identity for herb+, amplifying the product launch and establishing a solid foundation for future marketing endeavours.

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