Healthcare Trends & What This Means for Marketing in 2024


Post Covid, the healthcare sector had no option but to speed up and evolve for the greater good of humanity. Pharma marketing companies and healthcare digital marketing agencies have had to navigate the exponential changes and socio-economic twists and turns. Covid highlighted areas of the healthcare sector and systems in place which needed immediate improvement. Although innovation and technology has helped with this, financial dilemmas and legislation wars are still holding up progress.

With governments rising interest in the idea of ‘whole health’ and consumers controlling their health data. The healthcare sector will be propelled by technology and key changes in surrounding external forces. We are at a point of unlearning and designing a better future for humanity in the near and distant future.

In the next two decades, interpretable data and secure platforms will empower individuals to take ownership of their health journey. This advancement will enable them to access a comprehensive, real-time understanding of themselves and their surroundings, fostering a holistic perspective. In the future, the focus of healthcare is expected to shift towards maintaining overall well-being rather than simply addressing illness. The emphasis will be on prevention and early detection, with the aim of eradicating diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Consumers accessing their own health data enables a system in which personalised experiences that are highly tailored to one’s preferences – needs are the norm, not the exception. And where care and services can be accessed quickly.

The state of health in 2040 will be drastically different from our current reality. Emerging technology, and digital transformation – enabled by artificial intelligence and open secure platforms will drive change.

We can predict that future healthcare will be arranged around the consumer, as opposed to around institutions that steer our existing healthcare system. But what does this mean for healthcare marketing agencies and pharma marketing agencies? Let’s dive into the future of healthcare in more detail and what this means for marketing and consumers.

Healthcare Key Trends

Innovation leads the pack:

Innovations such as nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, and robotics to just name a few will be key markets to invest in within the next 21 years. Healthcare will split into disruptors and traditional game players who will improve their business models to offer better health services for everyone.

According to Deloitte, more than 80% of Medtech companies expect to collaborate with organisations outside the healthcare sector. Collaboration partners will allow for speedier business model transformations that will benefit patients and consumers. Above all else, operational excellence is important throughout transforming business models to meet an optimised health economy.

Rise of Medtech:

With the ability to share personal data through wearable technology, home appliances and the home itself, a vast pool of data builds personal health profiles that are monitored with ease. The flip side of this seamless advantage is the worry over AI and data protection, healthcare businesses need to build trust with their customers and provide optimum health data protection and services to highlight the benefits of immediate health tracking for early preventative measures and enabling supreme health advice, guidance, and services.

Disruptors such as data-driven health insurance companies and key organisations outside the health industry are key drivers of this transformation. Medtech will see the power struggle between disruptors sprinting to penetrate the health industry with data and traditional game players who play to their strengths of healthcare expertise and operational excellence.

Whole health ecosystem:

Government intrigue and investment in ‘whole health’ will become increasingly more apparent into 2024 and beyond. Whole health focuses on wellness rather than illness and promotes communication, collaboration, and integration among health services, sectors, and agencies. With this saving costs and time, relationships have started between the healthcare sector and non-health sectors.

Some countries have already created infrastructures to allow data sharing and communication between health agencies and healthcare systems. This has been utilised in Sweden through an app called HOPE.

Working for longer:

Younger generations will be working for longer with the life span extending past previous figures. With life expectancy being extended, healthcare will shift and shape itself to this new development. Long-term care and longevity lifestyles will become important buzzwords and a part of people’s vocabulary towards 2030 as people take more interest in their life wellbeing.

According to the World Health Organisation, between 2015-2050 the proportion of the world’s population over 60 years will nearly double from 12% to 22%. The baby boomer generation will be the first to work at older ages and means that flexible working, healthcare, and well-being policies will be key as this generation paves the way for younger generations.

Healthcare Marketing in 2024

Marketing for healthcare will shift in 2024 with the advancement of personalised healthcare and digital transformation. Let’s uncover what this means for marketing, marketing services and for your marketing strategy in 2024.

Stay ahead of the game:

Being ahead of the curve pays off for the brave and marketers working within the healthcare industry will need to be ahead of the latest advancements and aware of potential disruptors and act accordingly. To stay relevant in healthcare, marketers must understand current trends, terms, and the needs of the public. This will help them become influential players in the industry.

Digital transformation:

Medtech is increasingly leveraging digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, and telemedicine. These technologies enable remote patient monitoring, personalised healthcare interventions, predictive analytics, and more. Marketing businesses must understand and adjust their strategies to effectively communicate the value of digital innovations to healthcare businesses and organisations.

The customer comes First:

Pharmaceutical marketing sees the increase in awareness of putting the customer first and matching their services to these needs. Pharmaceutical marketing companies need to consider authenticity and originality when writing their marketing strategy and campaigns. Customers want excellent care and to put their trust in healthcare individuals and organisations. As we move towards this new health ecosystem, marketing efforts need to translate customer-centric campaigns that tap into the needs of consumers as healthcare shifts in the next few years.

Engaging motive content:

With the focus shifting to consumers, personal data and customer satisfaction surrounding their health enquiries. Healthcare marketing agencies and marketing agencies new to the health sector will need to take this into account when creating memorable healthcare campaigns and content with a ROI. Engaging campaigns will raise awareness of upcoming industry changes and connect with consumers on a deeper level.

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