Giving Back to Our Local Community

The recent unfortunate news about the temporary closure of the Newcastle Clermont Road Dog and Cat Shelter, primarily due to escalating heating expenses, moved us into action. The shelter, a beacon of compassion, is dedicated to preventing animal cruelty, rehoming over 1,000 pets annually. Their mission is not just about rescue but also about providing care to animals in need.

Despite the challenges, including braving adverse weather conditions, the shelter’s staff, and volunteers, spread across three venues, remain unwavering in their commitment. As winter approaches, we’ve chosen to support their noble cause by sponsoring and supplying their entire clothing requirements, from fleeces and jackets to polo shirts and T-shirts. After our recent visit, we’re confident that the new attire will bolster the volunteers’ efforts, ensuring they can continue their essential work in comfort and safety.

Linda Allen, Director of Guerilla, expressed her sentiments, stating, “At Guerilla, our ethos transcends business and global marketing. We’re deeply rooted in our local community, striving to effect genuine change. The Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter’s commendable efforts resonate with us, and we’re privileged to support their invaluable mission.”

Echoing this sentiment, Rachael Kendall, General Manager of the shelter, remarked, “Guerilla’s generous sponsorship signifies more than just uniforms. It epitomises the shared vision and bond between our organisations concerning animal welfare. We’re profoundly grateful for Guerilla’s steadfast support and eagerly anticipate the journey ahead.”


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