Key Emerging Digital Marketing Trends

The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving due to technological advancements and adaptations within SEO and social platforms. Such advancements have a clear goal in mind; to deliver a memorable brand experience and fulfil consumers’ needs. With that in mind, we’ve broken down 3 key digital marketing trends for 2019:

1. Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality is one key trend to keep your eye on in 2019. Furniture retail company IKEA is one step ahead in incorporating VR into their marketing strategy. The brand has introduced a virtual shopping application that enables consumers to envisage furniture within the setting of their own home before making a purchase. VR offers an opportunity to cater to consumers looking for an engaging, interactive and personalised experience. 

2. Video Content

Video marketing has made its way into the digital landscape in recent years and this trend looks like it’s here to stay for the long haul. Advertising campaigns featuring video content offer an opportunity to engage with consumers and capture their attention. This trend is increasingly significant with research showing that 70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video and 72% of businesses say videos has improved their conversion rate. The capability of video content has expanded to include 360-degree videos to create a fully immersive experience as well as live streaming videos to showcase authentic content and retain viewers for longer. 

3. Chatbots

The popularity of chatbots has increased as businesses look for ways to improve and expand their customer service communications. Chatbots enable brands to address frequent customer questions and cleverly store these details to address their consumers needs in future content. This mechanism could be convenient for small businesses with limited budgets to employ a large customer service team. However, whilst chatbots have the ability to help consumers with their purchasing decisions they cannot replace complex human conversations. The role of chatbots are still improving and are expected to help businesses save over $8 billion per year by 2020. 

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