15 Years of Creating Memorable Brands

Over the past fifteen years we’ve had some great opportunities to create some very interesting brands. Whilst the process of naming a brand, creating a new one or refreshing an existing brand can be extremely challenging, we have found that it is always very rewarding.

Each branding project that we have been involved in has given our team the opportunity to work very closely with our clients at boardroom level. Historically, working with brands has also allowed us to form solid and meaningful relationships with many employees and customers as we get under the skin of our clients brand culture, personality and values.

Each branding opportunity requires our team to immerse ourselves fully within our client’s world; we feel their hopes and fears and live their dreams. It’s our objective to become a close strategic partner offering not only the brand solution, but also the strategy to launch it and ensure that their message is seen and understood by those who they need to connect with.

Each of the brands that we have created over the past fifteen years have been very unique and because we don’t believe in off the shelf solutions, this creative process also makes what we do sometimes exhausting but very much satisfying – that is once we crack the brief! Some of the brands that we have created are for global PLC’s, others are for leading businesses within their market place, and others are new start up businesses destined for great success. In each case our role is to make sure (like all great brands) that the brands we create have a number of key strengths including:

  • Integrity: They are true to the brand promise in that they deliver what the brand promises.
  • Differentiation: The brand must stand out clearly from its competitors and be seen as a different proposition.
  • Individuality: Closely associated with differentiation is individuality and each band we create must be unique to the individual organisation.
  • Consistency: The brands that we create are also launched and communicated with a sophisticated framework to ensure that the brand is allowed to live and breath consistently.
  • Longevity: Branding takes time and money so the brands that we have created have been designed to last a long time, maybe with only minor tweaks along the way as the brand develops.

Finally, impact and standing out are massively important when creating anything from a brand to a digital banner advert, and if no one will notice you, you’re wasting your money. So we hope you find some of the brands that we have enjoyed creating over the past fifteen years interesting!


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