Branding Workshop Fully Booked Out


In mid-September, we hosted the engaging ‘Revolutionise Your Brand’ workshop for eighty members of the Entrepreneur Forum at the Riverside Cricket Ground in County Durham.

The workshop was divided into two sessions with the first session outlining the importance of building a strong brand platform, common brand strengths and brand strategy. Attendees were shown the award-winning brand building tools that our team uses and were encouraged to think of a brand as an iceberg with seventy percent of your brand remaining unseen and under the service of the visual identity.

The second session focused on the importance of a distinctive visual identity across the core touchpoints which enables brands to expand at breakneck speed, launching them to new heights. We were fortunate enough see the event fully booked out and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the members who attended.

“One of the best questions I’ve ever been asked by Guerilla at another excellent Entrepreneur Forum event this morning”
– Jessica Williams, MBA

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