How to create a strong brand identity on social media

Social media provides a great platform to reach existing, as well as potential, new followers and stakeholders. In this social media-dominated age, there are no limitations for brands when it comes to attracting a global audience and the ability to create long-lasting relationships. However, it is crucial to have a clear and concise brand identity in order to thrive in a crowded market place of competing businesses.

  1. Consistency is key

When it comes to online branding, ensure the visual representation of your company remains relevant and consistent across all platforms, in terms of the aesthetic and design of the posts. Create recognisable content through the logo, colours and typography. Consistency is also important in terms of post frequency and online activity. If followers know you post weekly for example, they are more likely to refer back to your page to check your most recent content. This can help establish brand loyalty amongst followers.

  1. Develop your brands’ tone of voice

Create and maintain your brand’s tone of voice and personality across your social media posts. It is crucial to ensure that the tone of voice is appealing to your desired target audience and effectively communicates your brands’ ethos (whilst also remaining appropriate for each specific platform). Researching your target audience can help you curate content specifically relevant to them.

  1. Be Tech Savvy

Keep followers engaged through innovative and immersive content. Use various mediums to connect to your consumers to fulfil their needs by providing variety. Use videos and gifs to channel your brands’ creativity and to ensure content is memorable. Keep up to date with the latest updates on social platforms to make sure you’re utilising all the platforms’ features. 

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