April at Guerilla HQ

Now that Spring has officially arrived, we want to share with you all the exciting client projects, news and activities we have been getting up to this April at Guerilla HQ.

‘All Hands-on Deck’ for Seaward.

April at Guerilla HQ has been a busy one! Let’s start with Seaward Electronics. When our long-standing client Seaward came to us with their ‘all hands event’ idea, we were all ears. But with the sands of time running out, we had to put all hands to the pump! We worked tirelessly to create departmental briefs that expressed Seaward’s values and showcased its capabilities. From life-size rockets to complex Tribeca exhibition stands, we pulled out all the stops to make it happen. And the post-event feedback was a resounding success – we might just have to make it an annual fixture!

Going for green!

Next up, FiberLean. Hot on the heels of the launch of the new brand, we were busy supporting their global program of exhibitions, including the TAPPicon Paper and Packaging Conference in Atlanta and the 31st International Munich Paper Symposium. But here’s the kicker – we did it all with recycled and sustainable materials! Our ‘Innovation First’ webinar identity was also a hit, thanks to our social and digital advertising channels.

News at Ten.

Some canny news then? Sygen made the News at Ten! Our rebrand for Africa’s fastest-growing pharmaceutical company was featured on Nigeria’s News at Ten, with millions of viewers tuning in to see our new brand identity and packaging in action. This marks another huge success in our pharmaceutical branding launches, possibly even rivalling our ‘Global brand strategy of the year’ Drum award win for Benu, which is now Europe’s largest pharmaceutical retail brand.

Grown-up almost!

Last but not least, yes, Guerilla actually turned 21 this month! With a heady mix of experience, creativity, and rebellion, it’s hard to tell who the real grown-ups are at Guerilla. But one thing’s for sure – we’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve achieved over the past 21 years. A big thank you to all our clients and employees who have contributed so much to our many successes over the years.

So, there you have it, folks – the highlights and challenges of April in the ever-evolving world of marketing.

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