All the little Pluses Really Add Up

Herb+, a UK-centric direct-to-consumer supplement brand, boasts a distinctive product line that melds the benefits of medicinal plants and fungi with essential vitamins and minerals.

Spearheaded by Dr Haris Mumtaz and Dr Adam Sayedi, they acknowledge the pivotal role of preventative medicine and envisage bridging the chasm between conventional and alternative health. Their supplements cater to a diverse audience, from bustling professionals to those working from home.

Our primary objective is to orchestrate a direct-to-consumer online launch, amalgamating traditional PR, social media, and paid online advertising to spotlight their e-commerce platform. With a robust digital marketing blueprint and an expanding online presence, including our newsletter ‘The Herbalution’, we aspire to revolutionise the UK’s food supplement landscape, predominantly dominated by pills and powders. Recent photos from a shoot we organised showcase our team’s drive as they craft a creative strategy for the imminent launch of Herb + in early October.


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