5 tips for an effective advertising campaign

No matter how brilliant your business’ service is, advertising is essential to tell consumers what you are offering; attracting new and maintaining existent customers. We’ve come up with 5 tips to ensure you’re delivering cost-effective campaigns to reach a global audience.

1. Highlight what differentiates your company from competitors:

Grab the attention of your audience by clearly defining you brands’ unique selling point (USP). Often brands fail to use this to their advantage in ads, by forgetting to include the key benefits of the business/product/service that will appeal to customers.

2. Choose the location of your ads wisely:

Research which forms of media your target audience are familiar with in order to effectively position your ad amongst a crowded marketplace. It might be that they’re likely to read industry magazines or listen to a particular radio station. Taking the time to understand your target audience will allow your ads to directly reach your key demographic of consumers. Thus, achieving greater, long-lasting results.

3. Outline the key aims of the ad campaign:

Make sure the aims of the ad campaign are clearly outlined and discussed amongst your team. By deciding clear goals from the offset, your team has something to strive towards whilst giving your ad a core purpose. For example, are you aiming to expand your customer base by 20%, or promote the launch of a new product to a broader audience? This will also help you to judge the effectiveness of your ad campaign afterwards.

4. Spread your marketing expenditure:

Rather than spending your entire advertising budget on one media outlet, aim to spread the costs over a few key platforms. This will increase the chances of engaging with your target audience at some stage.

5. Test ads prior to campaign launch:

If your company has the time and money to invest in focus groups, you will be able to receive invaluable feedback on your advertising options. By gaining feedback from those outside of the company, suggestions could be made on issues your team may not have considered. This will help gear the direction of your ads going forward.

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